drawing machine


A Robot Drew Star Charts for the Next 100,000 Years

International design studio Tellart bring their 'Deep Future' maps to The Museum of Tomorrow.


Here's Jackson Pollock as a Robotic Painting Machine

‘electropollock’ unfurls a stream of abstract painted images.


Behold, the 'Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine'

Neil Mendoza’s latest invention is a drawing machine powered by the mechanical energy of a hamster.


Sketch Intricate Designs with A Hand-Cranked Drawing Machine

Joe Freedman combines art and geometry in his multi-gear drawing machines.


Machine Draws Famous Mathematicians with the Math They Invented

Will Gallia and his programmed Roland pen plotter honor five mathematicians with complex space-filling curve illustrations.


Man vs. Machine 'Connect Four' Games Become Beautiful Line Drawings

In his “Connect 4” series of drawings, artist Carl Lostritto battles the algorithms of a machine using vintage pen plotters.


Artist Turns A Record Player Into An Automatic Illustrator

Ally Mobbs' new installation proves that your turntable can be used for more than just spinning dusty 12"s.


Repurposing Obsolete Wind-Up Toys As Quirky, Art-Making Robots

These obsolete devices are having their own "Brave Little Toaster" moment.


Make Text Message Textiles With Raw Color's Cryptographer

Raw Color’s latest project transforms text messages into beautifully-patterned fabric.


Machine Drawings Of Historical Drawing Machines

Alright, that’s it. If we get any more meta, we may just self-implode.