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Soccer Mommy's Stripped Down "Still Clean" Is Even More of a Gut Punch

The Nashville songwriter and her guitar are the only things you need to hear today.
Noisey Staff

Ellis Hits the Self-Destruct Button On The Woeful “What a Mess”

In her first interview, the Hamilton, ON indie dream pop singer talks about moving away from Toronto and the serious pursuit of being a singer-songwriter.
Sarah MacDonald
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here's Lykke Li's Heart-Wrenching New Song and Video "utopia"

I'm not crying I just have something in both my eyes.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Listen to Cuco's Debut EP 'Chiquito'

The LA dream pop idol's self-produced project is all cosmic summer bangers.
Andrea Domanick
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Beach House's New Video for "Dark Spring" Makes Me Feel Like It's 2011 Again

The dream pop duo's first clip from '7' unintentionally pays homage to the days of aesthetic Tumblrs and witch house.
Phil Witmer

Soccer Mommy's 'Clean' Is Equal Parts Exorcism and Reflection

On her debut album, out today, Sophie Allison purges her experiences and heeds the lessons they teach while retaining the charm of her earlier work.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Beach House's New Song "Lemon Glow" Is a Creepy Kind of Calm

The duo are back for 2018, with an as-yet-untitled album due in the Spring.
Lauren O'Neill
Music Video Premieres

L.A.’s Ablebody Make Office Parties Look Good in Their New Video

Watch the exclusive premiere of "One Dime A Day."
Issy Beech
style rider

Style Rider: LANY Needs Checkerboard Vans and Earplugs

Gum. Is. Confidence.
Ilana Kaplan

An Ode to That Simpsons Vine

A true and lasting joy. A landmark of a generation. A six second video from a now-decaying social media platform.
Issy Beech
thump exclusive stream

Golden Vessel's Debut is a Bit Like Dreaming You Can Fly

We premiere "Before Sleep" on THUMP today.
Scott Renton

Stop Fighting It Already and Give into the Seduction of Puro Instinct's "Tell Me" Video

Think 'Twin Peaks' shot through a Vaseline lens.
Andrea Domanick