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Australia Today

Cops are Worried People are Using Mobility Scooters to Dodge Breathalysers

Drunk drivers on electric wheelchairs could be exploiting a legal loophole.
Gavin Butler
drink driving

Perth's Isolation and Urban Sprawl Have Created a Drink-Driving Nightmare

We need to talk about Western Australia, where drink driving is still the reason behind 32% of road deaths.
VICE Staff
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Drink Driving Cost Me $60,000 and the Best Years of My Life

I'd seen people driving in a much worse state. I thought I was sweet.
Katherine Gillespie

Riding Drunk in a Self-Driving Car Should Be Legal, Experts Say

The National Transport Commission foresees a bright future for drink driving.
VICE Staff
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French Rugby Club Owner Blames Dan Carter's Recent Troubles On "Learning How To Party"

Maybe it's just the case of a Kiwi country boy heading to Paris and opening his eyes right the way up.
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All Black Boozed: Dan Carter Caught Drink Driving in Paris (UPDATED)

L'Equipe​ reported that Carter had a blood alcohol level of 0.98g per litre. The French limit is 0.50g per litre.
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Canadian Police Department Apologizes to Nickelback, Reaches Peak Canada

Kensington Police had joked about punishing drunk-drivers with tracks from 'Silver Side Up'.
Alex Robert Ross

Scotland's New Drunk-Driving Law Is So Effective It’s Damaging the Economy

Stricter rules on how much you can drink before you drive has led to a drop in bar sales as Scots are no longer popping down to the pub at lunchtime or on their way home from work.
Joel Golby

'If Someone's Died, or it's Apparent Someone will Die, They Call Us'

We spoke to a police officer whose job is investigating fatal crash sites to find out who's responsible.
Julian Morgans

Somehow It's Legal to Drive a Mobility Scooter While Hammered in the UK

It sounds funny, but a surprising number of people are hurt by them.
Megan Morgan