AI Controlled Robots Are Training Alongside U.S. Marines

The military’s mad scientists are training autonomous robots alongside troops in the deserts of California


This Company Is Selling Drone-Mounted Flamethrowers to the General Public

Throwflame's new drone is made for clearing brush from power lines and that sort of thing. It's also ... a flying flamethrower.


Scientists Discover Hidden 'Supercolony' of 1.5 Million Penguins

“This small archipelago, that measures only 15 kilometers from one end to the other, has more Adélie penguins than the entire rest of the Antarctic peninsula combined.”


Swarms of Sensor-Wearing Bees Could Monitor Crops Better Than Drones

Bumblebees carrying electronic sensor backpacks could monitor crops like agricultural drones.


Stop Trying to Fly Drugs Into Prisons With Drones

At least six people have tried this in Australia in the past few months. Zero have succeeded.


IBM Has Patented a Coffee Delivery Drone that Knows When You're Tired

Do we really need a drone to read our heart rates and eye movements to know we need a cup of java?


The Scientists Who Study Whale 'Defecation Events'

Whale poops fertilize ocean ecosystems, and also contain a wealth of information for marine scientists.


Assassin Drones Are Here. Now What?

It was perhaps inevitable that would-be political assassins would turn to off-the-shelf drones.


A Hacker Stole Instructions for Reaper Drones and Is Selling Them on the Dark Web

They're available for as little as $150 worth of bitcoin.


Oh Good, Drones Have Flamethrowers Now

Just when you thought this hellscape couldn't get any worse.


Drone Captures Snowmobiler's Terrifying Fall into a Frozen Lake

The guy tried to claw his way out with two screwdrivers.


The Lessons We Learned at London's Big AI Show

First: one day, your home devices might be able to work out if you're showing signs of Alzheimer's.