drug bust


Gujarat Is the New ‘Favourite’ Route for Pakistani Cartels Smuggling Drugs to the West

“If a fisherman brings five kgs of heroin along with 500 kgs of fish in his boat, it is very difficult to catch him.”


Australian Police Find 384 Kilos of Rack Hidden in an Excavator

It's thought the drugs may have been destined for the Australian ski fields.


A Massive Underground Drug Tunnel to Mexico Was Found Underneath an Abandoned KFC

Feds stumbled upon the underground passageway after cops busted the building's owner with meth, coke, heroin, and fentanyl.


Instagram Model Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Cocaine Into Australia by Cruise Ship

It's Australia's largest-known drug importation by passenger vessel.


Three Canberra Men Arrested in $500 Million Cocaine Bust

The trio were arrested in a Serbian hotel lobby following an international police investigation.


Thousands of Orange, Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills Seized in Germany

​It's not the first time the president's mug has popped up on a batch of illicit drugs.


Thai Bandidos Tried to Smuggle $17 Million Worth of Meth into New Zealand

Police seized 17 kilograms of methamphetamine and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and jewellery in the seven-month sting.


Women Caught Smuggling Coke Into Australia Documented Their Whole Trip on Instagram

They were apparently having the time of their lives before the $22 million bust.


Two Men Were Sentenced to 42 Years in Prison in the UK’s Biggest-Ever Cocaine Bust

How two guys who grew up working in the shipping industry ended up sentenced to decades in prison for smuggling $645 million worth of class A narcotics.


Queensland Police Unearth a Network of Underground Drug Running Tunnels

Plus 200 marijuana plants, a kilogram of cannabis, 20 grams of ice, and several pythons being kept without licenses.


New Zealand's Biggest Ever Meth Bust Is the Latest in a Year of Bizarre Importations

Three men appeared in court today charged with importing NZ$448 million worth of drugs stashed in 15 travel bags.