Drug Use


More Drug Users Are Intentionally Using Fentanyl Amid Overdose Crisis, Study Finds

The way we think about harm reduction and fentanyl should change, Canadian researchers suggest.
Luke Ottenhof
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

No One Wants You to Fall in Love After Rehab

You’re too fragile. Intimacy is a trigger. It’s simply switching addictions from a drug to a person. So when you do meet someone, how do you know your feelings won’t doom you both?
Hannah Brooks
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Life After Heroin Is Beautiful and Boring

One of the hardest lessons around being sober is learning to appreciate the ordinary, the mundane, the normal.
Hannah Brooks
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Getting Sober Means Learning to Feel Bad

Heroine is an escape, a relief, a safe space. Giving it up means facing all the fear, rage, and terror you’ve been running from.
Hannah Brooks
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Who Am I Without Drugs? Imagining Life After Rehab

“My identity had become so entwined with heroin that I had normalised it. It was only occasionally, in a moment of clarity, that I realised just how abnormal being a heroin addict was.”
Hannah Brooks
Australia Today

Another Wicked Camper Van Banned, This Time For an Oral Sex Joke

The rental was emblazoned with the slogan, "Oral sex: it’s a great last minute gift."
VICE Staff

Why So Many Young Brits Are Smoking Crack

The past year has seen a huge 30 percent rise in people under-25 seeking treatment for the drug.
Emily Goddard
High Season

Melbourne's Drug Rehab Waiting List Is So Long, People Are Moving to the NT

The shortage of publicly-funded rehab beds in Victoria is driving people to move interstate. But for people struggling with addiction, like Kane, it's not easy.
Ben Ansell
Australia Today

Tokyo Is the Most Expensive Place in the World to Buy Weed

A gram of cannabis in Tokyo will set you back $40 according to the 2018 Cannabis Price Index.
Maddison Connaughton
Legal Weed in Australia

Brewing Cannabis Oil With a Black Market Pharmacist

Medicinal weed might be legal in Australia, but for a range of frustrating reasons making this tincture wasn't.
Mahmood Fazal

How the Stigma of Drug Addiction Hurts All of Us

As people in Canada continue to die en masse due to the opioid crisis, we look at how stereotypes surrounding drug use are holding society back everywhere.
Allison Tierney

How Drugs Make It into Summer Festivals

We went to Bestival on the Isle of Wight to talk to festival-goers about how they managed to sneak their stash in.
Michael Segalov