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Why Eating Tonnes of Dumplings Makes for a Lucky Chinese New Year

In Chinese cuisine, dumplings are believed to bring good fortune, as they look like gold ingots. “More is generally better as a rule of thumb,” says London Chinese chef Andrew Wong.
Sophie Missing
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Raging, Machines, and the NBA Playoffs: David Roth's Weak in Review

Teams like the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs can be easy to hate, because of how cruelly easy they make the game look. But the game is not easy.
David Roth

Meet the Model Who Ate 22 Big Macs in an Hour

Twenty-three-year-old Nela Zisser is New Zealand's most famous competitive eater.
Julian Morgans

Melbourne’s Unhygienic Restaurants Are More Delicious Than They Look

A dirty, dirty restaurant may leave you hunched over the toilet screaming to god for sweet relief and a Sprite, but it's going to be a tasty journey.
Emma Do

I Watched the Sochi Olympics with the Putin Youth

I viewed the Sochi Olympics in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, so I could eat lamb dumplings and drink Czech lager. I ended up hanging out with members of Putin's Youth, young people in support of Putin’s aspirations for a unified, powerful Russia. They are...
Hannah Palmer Egan
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A Chinese New Year Boozefest in Brooklyn

You know when you're eating something that's not soup dumplings, and you think, 'Maaaan, I really wish this turkey sandwich from a bodega was actually soup dumplings'? We do that all the time, just about every day at lunch. Soup dumplings are like a...
VICE Staff