Eating Disorders

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When You're Worried a Friend Has an Eating Disorder, it's Time to Make Some Tough Calls

Here's how to decide if you should say something.
Michelle Malia

People Share How They Overcame Their Eating Disorder

"I realised that my body was not—​and never will be—​a problem to be solved."
Rebecca Kamm
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You May Not Ever Fully Recover From an Eating Disorder

I don't meet the clinical definition anymore, but my relationship with food is still fraught.
Michelle Malia

Too Many Gay Men Still Hate Their Bodies

Why body dysmorphia and unhealthy body image issues continue to run rampant in the gay community.
Jack Hobbs

Does Gay Porn Make You Hate Your Body?

In a new study, researchers establish a pretty direct link between gay porn consumption and body dysmorphia.
Steven Blum

We Asked Men About Their Eating Disorders

I knew that I couldn’t be the only one in my peer group who’s had trouble with food.
Graham Isador
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Eating Gives Me Anxiety and Not Eating Gives Me Anxiety

Lately, I feel that the way I've lived for years—in hyperconscious, hypervigilant awareness of everything I put in my mouth—no longer serves to quell my depression and anxiety. It actually exacerbates it.
So Sad Today

How My Diabetes Gave Me An Eating Disorder

For Type 1 diabetics, restricting insulin is like a magic bullet for weight loss. But the consequences can be devastating and deadly.
Helena Busiakiewicz
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Australia's Only Support Service for Eating Disorders Could Be Shutting Down

The Butterfly Foundation is worried it may lose its funding under the Turnbull Government's plan to "streamline" mental health services.
Katherine Gillespie

The Teens Using Instagram Hashtags to Glorify Suicide

Ana, Annie, Bella, Deb, Mia, Perry, Sue, and Sophie aren't real girls. They're abbreviations for mental health issues and eating disorders used by teenagers looking to band together through personal stories on Instagram.
Nadja Brenneisen

The Mental Health Warriors of Instagram

The community serves as a place to help and support each other through whatever problems its members are dealing with, from dissociative identity disorder to eating disorders.
Georgia Bronte
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

I Hired a Millennial Life Coach

I wanted to know why so many people in their 20s are entering the multibillion-dollar, nebulously defined life-coaching industry.
Amanda Shapiro