Powerful Photos From Indonesia's Post-Election Protests

Scenes from two days of protest and violence on the streets of Indonesia's biggest city.
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We Answered Your Most Googled Questions About the Election

Let's start with the basics: Scomo is Liberal, Bill Shorten is Labor.
Lee Zachariah
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Police Officers and Poll Workers Died of Exhaustion on Indonesia’s Election Day

As many as 54 poll workers died while overseeing the election in the world's third-biggest democracy.
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Meet the Politician Who Wants to Make the Cow ‘India’s National Mother’

Gopal Mani Maharaj—an independent candidate contesting for elections—thinks problems like terrorism, violence in Kashmir and the Ayodhya issue can be solved simply by being nicer to cows.
Zeyad Masroor Khan
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10 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Kidnapper

“When my men left their homes, they told their families that they might not be coming back alive. And most of them did not.”
Zeyad Masroor Khan
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Goats for Votes: The Weird Reasons India’s Election Will Cost So Much

How does a government spend $US 7.5 billion on an election? By handing out freebies like blenders, television sets, and... goats.
Shamani Joshi

Five Takeaways from Bernie Sanders’s Appearance on 'The Breakfast Club'

Don't expect a reparation check in the mail if he's elected.
Taylor Hosking
Australia Today

The Greens Want to Save Australia's Gaming Industry

The party has announced a funding plan for local developers worth $100 million.
Katherine Gillespie
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Could Steve Jolly Be Australia’s First Socialist Politician in 70 Years?

He wants to fix the Victoria's housing crisis, reform drug law, and stop the militarisation of the police.
Liam Armstrong

The Woman Who Built Trump Tower Doesn't Even Like Trump

The photographer Res documents her mother's employment and eventual activism against the Trump Organization.
Elizabeth Renstrom
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Shaq Wants to Be a Real-Life Sheriff

The former NBA player, recording artist, movie star, and sportscaster said he plans to run in 2020.
Drew Schwartz

Emmanuel Macron Defeats Marine Le Pen for French Presidency

Marine Le Pen has conceded defeat to Emmanuel Macron who has become France's youngest president with a projected 60 percent of the vote.
Mack Lamoureux