How Ellen DeGeneres Became the Kardashian Family’s Go-to Press Stop

On the eve of the 16th season of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians,' a look at one of the family’s preferred platforms for propaganda.
Bobby Finger
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Ariana Grande Brings 'First Wives Club'-Themed "thank u, next" to 'Ellen'

For the song's TV debut, Grande payed homage to her favorite movie and recovered admirably from a mid-song stumble.
Alex Robert Ross
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Cardi B Is the Perfect Match for Ellen's Relentless Optimism

She discusses her Coachella and SNL performances, possible baby names, and feeling no shame about her past as a stripper.
Phil Witmer

Watching Ellen DeGeneres on Daytime TV Isn't Fun Anymore

The comedian and talk show host is returning to stand-up, and maybe that's a good thing.
Robert Kessler

Why Ellen DeGeneres's Coming Out Was Miraculous

Ellen became a martyr for LGBTQ rights the day she came out, and was crucified in the media for it. It inspired me to work to change queer media representation—and Ellen, too, has risen again.
Elaine Atwell
Holy Shit

How Badly Do You Think Ellen Had to Say “Rae Sremmurd” the First Time to Have Recorded Over It… Like This?

Rae... Shrimmerled...?
Issy Beech
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Watch Rae Sremmurd Bring "Black Beatles" to Ellen

Look at Ellen.
Alex Robert Ross

Ronda Rousey Hints at Retirement, Makes Prestigious Trump List

The fighter makes her long-awaited return to Ellen’s couch.
Josh Rosenblatt
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It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Ellen Is Dancing To The Green Bananas New Song 'The Ape’

The Sydney garage band encourage you to go bananas on their new dance craze.
Noisey Staff
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Stephen Colbert Parodied Kanye West on 'The Late Show'

Let Kanye be Kanye.
John Hill
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“I'm Sorry For The Realness” - Watch Kanye West Go Peak Kanye West in This Epic Appearance on Ellen

Ellen: "Alright Kanye, name three things that are hairy..." Kanye: "BALLS, BALLS, BALLS"
Daisy Jones
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Watch Drake Play Never Have I Ever And Deny Being a 6ex God

We know the truth, Aubrey.
Sarah MacDonald