Russian Diplomats Owe the Australian Government $23,000 in Parking Fines

The Australian courts can't actually enforce fines against foreign emissaries, so they're kindly asking for them to be paid.


Does Julian Assange Have a Roommate in Jail? A VICE News Investigation

The U.K. Ministry of Justice is highly secretive about where inmates live within prisons like Belmarsh, where Julian Assange will serve a 50-week sentence.


This Is Just the Beginning for Julian Assange

The U.S. could be trying to bring additional charges against the WikiLeaks founder.


Australia Considers Following Trump and Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described the controversial move as a "sensible" proposal.


How a Brisbane Artist Became a Priest for a UFO Pleasure Cult

Luke Roberts is a Raelian: "the only religion with female, gay, and transgender priests."


The Statute of Limitations on Some of the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Julian Assange Have Expired

The WikiLeaks founder remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.


Iran's Former American Embassy Is Now a Museum of Anti-American Art

The Statue of Liberty as a skeleton, burning stars and stripes, and a Jewish guy with a really big nose are some of the more subtle images spreading over the building's multiple floors.


Pictures of an Evacuation from Nepal

Photographer Darcy Mahady recorded his experience of leaving the country while it was still going through the aftermath of a natural disaster.


Saunas Are Finland's Best Diplomatic Weapon

This may sound like a quirky tradition only suited to the frozen forests of northern Europe, but what Finland is doing seems to be working. Have you ever read about anyone getting pissed off at Finland? Maybe, if our politicians and diplomats got naked...


MIXED BY Moldy & Wheez-ie

Boston dubstep o.g. Moldy goes splits on this mix with Houston's speed demon Wheez-ie.


We Talked to the Lady Who Sent a Camera to Julian Assange's Embassy Hideout

A group of Swiss artists sent a package fitted with a camera that took a photo every ten seconds to the Ecuadorian embassy. The "Delivery for Mr. Assange" project gave us a glimpse into how the Carey Mulligan doppelgänger of the whistle-blower world...


Movie Madness

An amateurish film produced by a 52-year old Israeli-American overtly ridicules Mohammad, depicts him as a woman-hating, overzealous pedophile, a fraud, a womanizer and a madman, and shows him having sex and calling for massacres.