Eat This

This Is What Would Happen to Your Body if You Only Ate Fruits and Vegetables

We're not talking plant-based. We're talking plants only.
Grant Stoddard
4 days ago
Eat This

This Is What Happens to Your Body if You Eat Almost No Carbs

You might want to read this before you decide to start living off of butter, bacon, and bourbon.
Grant Stoddard

Arctic Towns, Railways, and Pipelines At Risk of Permafrost Thaw Damage

About 45 percent of globally important oil and gas fields in the Russian Arctic are located in zones made hazardous by permafrost melt, scientists said.
Becky Ferreira
climate change

Global Carbon Emissions Are Predicted to Hit Record High in 2018

A new report from the Global Carbon Project anticipates an unprecedented rise in carbon dioxide emissions around the world.
Sarah Emerson

We Looked Into Whether Having Sex Affects Your Athletic Performance

Some coaches tell their athletes to avoid having sex before a big game.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
climate change

Big Oil’s Business Model Could Be on the Verge of Failing

Electric cars probably won't go away.
Geoff Dembicki
Noisey News

Relive Some of That Sweet Teenage Angst with B Boys' "Energy"

The Brooklyn trio prepare to release their debut album 'Dada' and in the meantime, would like to know: "Whatya talking bout?"
Issy Beech

This $8 Billion ‘Clean’ Energy Dam Could Poison Locals with Methylmercury, Scientists Say

And the Newfoundland government has no plans to stop it.
Hilary Beaumont

Wushu Watch: Ki, Chi and Everything Between

Every martial art claims to use the opponent's energy against him. We examine the real world examples of this against the flim flam demonstrations of Aikido and Systema.
Jack Slack

'Ghost' Photo Series Captures Energy in an Abandoned Building at Dawn

Photographer Laura Weyl and artist The Oracle visited an empty factory after a blizzard and exposed the magic within.
Francesca Capossela
New Age Shit

What It's Like to Be an Empath

If you feel the Earth's pain before an earthquake or have a panic attack because someone near you is anxious, you might be an empath too.
VICE Staff

When Oil Boomtowns Go Bust

Fracking and other new technologies resulting in a lot of towns becoming suddenly wealthy, but as oil and gas prices fell, those industries suddenly dried up.
Peter Moskowitz