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Five Musicians Building a New World in the Face of Estonia's Isolated Past

The fall of the Soviet Union and homecomputing changed the face of music in the eastern European country, which now is full of musicians looking to the past to build the future.
Lottie Brazier
Noisey News

Listen to Some 80s Estonian Funk and Help Maryn Fund a Wheelchair For Her Son

All proceeds from the lo fi synth boogie compilation will directly support research into ALS.
Tim Scott
music video

Literally Everything Is Sexual in Tommy Cash’s Innuendo-Filled Music Video

Yes, even a nuclear power plant.
Nathaniel Ainley

This Female-Led Estonian Film Reveals the Dark Side of Motherhood [Exclusive]

Opening tomorrow at the Tribeca Film Festival, 'MOTHER (EMA)' is a darkly ironic film about motherhood and attempted murder in small-town Eastern Estonia.
Sami Emory

Gorgeous Stop-Motion Experiment Animates Solid Porcelain

Enchanting work from Estonian artist Anu-Laura Tuttelberg.
Beckett Mufson
The Up in Flames Issue

A Sneak Peek at Some Upcoming VICE Documentaries

This month on VICE: Lace up your boots with the Estonian military, peep in on the world of a Muslim cult leader obsessed with fake tits, and rave in a 700-year-old salt mine in Krakow.
VICE Staff

Inside Eastern Europe's Wild, Competitive Voguing Scene

The New York ballroom scene has spread to a European incarnation that mixes straight, gay, black, white, men, women, young, and old. Photographer Ewen Spencer has been following its parties.
Clive Martin
Longreads Or Whatever

Meet Tommy Cash, the Estonian Rapper Turning Eastern Europe Upside Down

His raps are as bleak and brutal as the USSR, his style's insane and he loves horses. Who the hell is this guy?

Giant Wooden Megaphones Amplify the Sounds of a Forest

In Tallinn, Estonia, interior architecture students created giant wooden megaphones that let people listen to the sounds and silence of the forest.
DJ Pangburn

The Canadian Military Is Playing War Games Aimed at Russia

At a time when the specter of the Russian military is high on the minds of European countries fearful of the next Ukraine, Canada's Department of National Defense is playing tough with President Vladimir Putin.
Ben Makuch

Uncertain Future for Germany's Anti-Islam Movement

An explosion kills at least two people at a Mexico City maternity hospital, Uganda uses drones to protect wildlife, and more news from around the world.
VICE Staff

This Swede Is Nuts About Soviet Estonia

Tomas Alexandersson is a hobbyist who collects travel guides, postcards, and pamphlets from and about life during Soviet rule in the Estonian capital, Tallinn. He regularly posts any paraphernalia he gathers on his website, which has now turned into a...
Caisa Ederyd