If You Were Disappointed By Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, Blame Yourself

Gaga had plenty of expectations to live up to for her performance, but she didn't deliver the big political statement viewers may have hoped she would.
Larry Fitzmaurice

Meet the Woman Who Saves England's Lost Birds of Prey

Misplaced a falcon? Who you gonna call? Barbara Royle!
Roxy Rezvany

Falcons Gives Rosie Lowe's "How'd You Like It?" That Passionate Low End

Statistics say that the average American can listen to it twice during intercourse!
Ziad Ramley

Falcons Hits 40,000 Soundcloud Fans and Celebrates With a Club Ready Remix Of Alicia Keys' "Feelin' U Feelin' Me"

Feeling pretty strong feelings about this amazing remix.
THUMP Australia

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Park Banned Unaccompanied Adults in Case They're Pedophiles

Also this week: A guy allegedly pulled a gun on his daughter because he thought she was cheating at a board game.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

The Egyptian School Year Began with a Wave of Violence and Arrests

One student has died and dozens more have been detained by authorities.
Tom Rollins

The US Falconry Revival Couldn't Get More American

Although humans have practiced falconry for thousands of years, it never really caught on in the US. But the expertise and care that American falconers put into their craft has propelled them to the forefront of breeding and bird-based innovation. Now...
Mark Hay
taji's mahal

The Amazing Falcon Bowse T-Shirt Transformation Program

Falcon Bowse has spent many years traveling between New York and San Francisco tattooing people and doing interior design. His most recent project, the Amazing Falcon Bowse T-shirt Transformation Program, creates five-panel hats out of t-shirts.
Taji Ameen
The Talking Issue

A Couple Of Hippies Who Think They Can Get Plants To Play Music

Founded in 1975, Damanhur is a self-sufficient and eco-friendly commune located amid the rolling hills and the exclusive rehab clinics in the valley of Val Chiusella, outside Turin, Italy.
Matteo Lenardon