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Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask a Serial Killer Fan Girl

"I’ve only ever dreamed of one person in a romantic way, and that was Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold."
Dani Leever
Fan Fiction

Drake and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The 6 God has returned with one billion streams and one hidden son. What will our hero do next?
Action Bastard

Good God, There’s a Lot of Trump-Putin Erotica Out There

Make way for the real Russia probe ;)
Mark Hay
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Owls, Part 3: A Drake and Eminem (and Joe Budden) Story

An epic tale of what was almost the greatest and gnarliest rap beef of the modern era.
Action Bastard
Fan Fiction

They Mad They Ain't Famous: A Kanye West Story

In which Kanye West pitches his "Famous" video idea to Kim Kardashian, the Jenners, Tyga, and a few celebrity guests.
Action Bastard
Europe: The Final Countdown

Oh Good, Now There Is Brexit Erotica

The new e-book, 'Pounded by the Pound,' imagines a steamy, post-Brexit hellscape starring a guy and his giant, living British Pound coin companion.
Mark Hay
Fan Fiction

What Happened When Adele Spent £2 Million on a Hen Party Mash-Up In Ibiza?

We've interviewed absolutely everyone who saw her that weekend, to piece together a candid portrait of the biggest hen party since records began.
Emma Garland
Fan Fiction

Owls: A Drake Story, Part 2

Kendrick, Jay Electronica, Kanye, and Skepta give Drake a call in the latest installment of the gripping OVOpus.
Action Bastard
Fan Fiction

Owls: A Drake Story

On the day of 'Views,' the author of "The Lemons" imagines a day with the Drake brain trust.
Action Bastard

Universal Cartoon Heroes Get Reimagined as Black Women

From 'Kill Bill' to Studio Ghibli, Markus Prime relates to film's the most culture-spanning characters by drawing them with dark skin and kinky hair.
Beckett Mufson

An Erotica Writer Imagined Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Hate-Fucking

The rough and greasy encounter occurs in sex writer Sam Shiver's latest political fan fiction titled: <i>Can't Stump the Drumpf: An Erotic Tale</i>.
Manisha Krishnan

One Direction Fanfic Takes the Art World by Storm

One particularly steamy thread of 1D fanfic is now an enveloping art series, thanks to London-based artist Owen G. Parry.
Andrew Nunes