Female Artists


This Artist’s Neon Erotica Is Metal (and NSFW) as Hell

L.A. artist Kristen Liu-Wong paints beautiful scenes of bong-smoking, kinky warrior-queens.


This Glittery 3D Art Is Making Us Nostalgic for Myspace

Did we make your top eight?


Molly Soda Turns Nasty Social Media Comments into Unfiltered Art

Her goofy beauty tutorials and sexy selfies capture the strange reality of being female on the internet.


If 'Blade Runner' Was Kawaii, It'd Look Like This

There's something sinister hiding behind the cuteness.


The Rad Women Who Crashed the 70s LA Punk Scene

"Maybe that’s the punkness of being female: Don’t ask for permission, don’t seek male approval, just do it for yourself."


This Artist Fills the Internet with Pastel Cyborgs and Twerking Aliens

Josefin Jonsson, a.k.a. @pastelae, invites us into her girly-gritty cyberpunk world.


The 'Opalslut Universe' Is a Utopian World Full of NSFW Selfies

Each week, VICE is spotlighting a different female net artist. First up: Janice Prempeh, aka @opalslutuniverse.


Dismantling the Street Art Boys Club at an All-Girls Graffiti Camp

Oakland artist Girl Mobb got sick of graffiti being a boys club. So she decided to do something about it.


An Iranian Expat's Striking Photos Bridge Zurich and Tehran

Persian artist Shirana Shahbazi’s first comprehensive retrospective is about a life spent manipulating the colors of reality.


Here’s How Over 170 Female Artists Are Reacting to Trump’s Presidency

Their voices are heard in the 'POST-ELECTION' exhibition in Upstate New York.


A Fearless Bronze Girl Has Been Installed to "Take Down" the Wall Street Bull

For International Women's Day, artist Kristen Visbal and photographer Federica Valabrega installed a sculpture of a young girl bravely facing Arturo Di Modica's 'Charging Bull.'


Enter the Dark Scandinavian Wilderness with "Witch in the Woods" Artist Darby Lahger

Lahger’s mystical work conjures images of isolation, tragedy, freedom, and escape.