Festival Season!


We Reviewed Every Band Playing Coachella 2019

You all are probably tired of us doing this every year but we don’t care tbh.
Noisey Staff
Gender Trouble

We Broke Down FOMO Festival's 2019 Lineup Diversity

By the numbers, here's how many men, women, non-binary people and people of colour are playing FOMO 2019.
Shaad D’Souza

A Zero Tolerance Drug Policy Doesn't Mean Zero Deaths

Two people died at Defqon.1 festival in Sydney over the weekend. Three others are in critical condition, and another 700 had to seek medical assistance during the festival. This has to stop, and it won’t stop through zero tolerance.
Shaad D’Souza
Gender Trouble

We Broke Down Falls Festival's 2018/19 Lineup Diversity

By the numbers, here's how many men, women, non-binary people and people of colour are playing Falls 2018/19.
Shaad D’Souza
Noisey Blog

What Your Festival Sideshow Choice Says About You

Welcome to yet another arbitrary character assessment thanks to a bunch of cowards behind their computers. Let's go!
Shaad D’Souza
thump news

An 18-Year-Old Woman Has Died at BoomTown Fair Festival

The tragedy occurred on the last day of an otherwise incident-free weekend for the Winchester event.
Angus Harrison

Kowton Explains Why Dekmantel Is the DJ's Festival of Choice

We spoke to the Livity Sound producer ahead of the premier performance of his new live set with Peverelist.
Duncan Harrison
Festival Season!

You Can't Possibly See Everybody at Dekmantel, But We Tried

Slight disappointment is common when the world's best are playing at the same time, but that doesn't mean the magic wasn't still real.
Timo Pisart

How do Cubans Make Electronic Music Without Reliable Internet?

The cost and inconvenience of getting online in Cuba is forcing its small but bustling dance music community to seek out creative ways to make beats.
Greg Scruggs

Introducing the New Breed of Bro Taking Over Britain's House Music Scene

The "house lad" is a harmless and logical conclusion of the festival boom, wholesale dance music, and the proliferation of MDMA.
Angus Harrison

WayHome 2016 Had Justin Trudeau Totems, Trained Owls, and a Lot More

We sent a photographer to capture all the sights of one of Canada's best new outdoor music festivals.
THUMP Canada Staff

11 Offensive Festival Looks You Should Avoid This Summer

Culture isn't a costume, even if you identify as a steampunk.
Natalie Meinert