Field Day


We Crunched the Numbers and Electronic Music Festivals Still Have a Gender Equality Problem

An illustrated breakdown of male and female musicians on 24 different lineups.
Emilie Friedlander
festivals 2016

Photos: Everyone at Field Day 2016 Got Drenched and They Didn't Give a Shit

Coachella this ain't...
Daisy Jones
Festivals 2015

Festival Drug Busts Can Be As Inconsistent As the Drugs

How many pills can make the difference between a slap on the wrist or wrists in handcuffs?
Lauren Ziegler
festivals 2016

Here's Every Annoying Person You'll Meet at a Festival

The point is that we're all human beings who, at some point, have sucked to be around.

How to Find Your Friends at a Festival

We've compiled a list of the most efficient search strategies with the help of rescuers, robots, and sharks.
Joost Mollen
Thinkpieces And Shit

Hey Festival Bookers, It Is Your Responsibility to Promote Diversity, Actually

'The Guardian' published a survey of the UK festival circuit that shows 2,336 men performing on stage compared to 270 women, but some bookers don't seem to think that's their problem.
Emma Garland
Festivals 2015

We Photographed the Shit Out of Field Day 2015

Imagine your school sports day, except you're 25, everyone is hammered, and Caribou is playing.
Noisey Staff
Festivals 2015

GFOTY'S iMessage Review of Field Day 2015

"I'm with To chew. Tin heartier. Tinchee strider."
Festivals 2014

Having Sex at Festivals Isn't Just Disgusting, It's Shit

You will find yourself wet in all the wrong ways, bumping against a body you can smell more than you can see.
Emma Garland

How to go to a Festival When You're a Small Child, an Old Man, or a Sober Person

We interviewed an 11-year-old and a 60-year-old to find out.
Ryan Bassil
sam wolfson

How to Go to a Festival in Your Twenties

The Noisey handbook to taking drugs, doing it with strangers, and getting messed up in a field once you're old enough to feel shame.
Ryan Bassil
sam wolfson

Ryan Hemsworth Wants to Take the Internet Into the Real World

Ahead of his Field Day show, we caught up with the Canadian wonder on his latest movements.
Lev Harris