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A Teen Kidnapped and Tasered the Girl Who Called Her a ‘Dog’ on Instagram

"You have got some issues," said the magistrate when the 18-year-old appeared in court.
Gavin Butler
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Wild Video Shows a Fight Club for Toddlers at a Daycare Centre

One student's mother sued the school after her four-year-old got "beaten up by his best friends" in class.
Drew Schwartz

Forget About the Terrible World and Watch This Moose Fight

[takes out giant bullhorn] LOOKS LIKE THE MOOSE ARE ON THE LOOSE, EH?!?!
Mack Lamoureux
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Watch This Canadian Weed Worker Fight Off Thieves With a Bong

This is the John Wick of weed store robbery footage.
Mack Lamoureux
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Chinese Boy Band’s Diehard Fans Get into an All-In Brawl on the Gold Coast

Justin Huang's groupies are hardcore—and they're willing to spill blood to prove it.
Gavin Butler
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A Huge Smith Street Brawl and Car Accident Have Left Several People Injured

Police haven’t confirmed if the two incidents were related. But local residents have claimed the car accelerated towards the fight.
Wendy Syfret
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Watch Australian Basketballers Get Into a Beautifully Awkward Fight

The Monday punch-on happened between the Boomers and the Filipino home team, Gilas Pilipinas
VICE Staff
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Benedict Cumberbatch Fought Off Four Muggers to Rescue a Delivery Guy

Cumberbatch and his Uber driver saw the man get jumped and decided to save the day.
River Donaghey

This Kid Got Bitten on the Face for His Nike TNs

"I said, 'why don’t you buy your own shoes?'"
Mahmood Fazal

'Cat Fight,' Today's Comic by Anya Davidson

Jane and her friend get into a huge fight after she accidentally eats her friend's edibles.
Anya Davidson
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Substitute Teacher Started 'Fight Club' to Befriend Teens, Cops Say

"The truth is I'm an idiot," the fired 23-year-old told police.
Drew Schwartz

Comedians Talk About Hecklers Who Got Actually, Properly Mad

"He recognised his own dick pic and was threatening legal action."
Samantha Howard