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Vibrant Supercut Shows How Akira Kurosawa Was a Master of Color

The master director (and former painter) blossomed when he gained access to color film.


8-Minute Video Boils Down the Essence of Animation Legend Ralph Bakshi

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You Probably Love 'Fight Club' Because of Its Sound Design

Honestly, without the right audio, Tyler Durden might as well be Kindergarten Cop.


Watch a High-Flying Video Dedicated to Miyazaki's Love of Flight

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Soak Up the Masterful Use of Light in Legendary Anime, 'Akira'

Stunning sequences of spotlights, neon, and lasers highlight creator Katsuhiro Ôtomo's brilliance.


A Love Letter to Animation from 'The Iron Giant' Director Brad Bird

'The Iron Giant,' 'Incredibles,' and 'Ratatouille' director explains why the medium is so misunderstood, and why it can be so powerful.


Here's a Powerful Tribute to Studio Ghibli's Badass Heroines

From Mei Kusakabe to Princess Mononoke, the ladies of Studio Ghibli rule.


BBC's 'Sherlock' Is an Ode to Perfect Symmetry

'Sherlock' has cinematography so good, it has its own fan page.


It's 300 Famous Movie Dance Scenes—in Under 5 Minutes

This lightning-fast dance compilation will get you off the couch and onto the dance floor.


Remembering Gene Wilder: Master of Comic Timing

A loving tribute to the great actor looks back at one of his signature acting tools.


Feast on Steven Spielberg’s Best Family Dinner Scenes

You'll be full of movie trivia after watching “Steven Spielberg: Setting the Table.”


Pixar's Secret to Nailing It

A film essay delves into the philosophy that makes Pixar films so relatable every damn time.