Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Fire Caused Lead Levels in the Area to Skyrocket

Officials have stressed, however, that lead poisoning is typically something that happens over long periods of exposure.
Tim Marcin

It Looks Like a Tesla Model S Just Exploded in a Chinese Parking Garage

A CCTV video has captured what appears to be a Tesla Model S self-combusting in a Shanghai parking lot.
Sarah Emerson

How to Mourn a Building

We spoke to a grief counselor about the Notre Dame fire and what the loss of an iconic structure can tell us about ourselves.
Emma Specter
Notre Dame

Here's What Notre Dame Looks Like After a 9-Hour Fire

Four hundred firefighters managed to save the structure as well as several important pieces of religious art.
Emma Ockerman
Notre Dame

Heartbreaking Photos Show Fiery Destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral

Parts of Notre Dame that had survived centuries of wars and revolutions caved to a massive fire Monday evening.
Emma Ockerman

Some Dude Spent His Friday Setting Cars Alight in Canada

The Edmonton arsonist was tackled in a Starbucks by a mustached man in a Hawaiian shirt and a guy with a 2x4.
Mack Lamoureux
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Notre Dame Is Still Burning

The spire has collapsed along with the roof.
Emma Ockerman
Australia Today

This Gender Reveal Burnout Set a Car on Fire

An Adelaide couple's life-changing burnout turned disastrous when the driver sat on the pedal too long.
Gavin Butler
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Shocking Video Shows a Family Driving Through a Californian Wildfire

A woman evacuating Paradise captured footage of her drive out of the neighborhood ravaged by the Hill fire.
Drew Schwartz
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Watch a Truck Full of Lynx Explode in a Teen Pyro Fantasy Come to Life

A spectacle sure to delight kids who have shamelessly used the body spray as a DIY flamethrower.
Drew Schwartz
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Watch This Father and Son Barely Escape a Canadian Wildfire

“Dad, what if the car blows up?”
Mack Lamoureux

A Veteran Firefighter Explains Why California Wildfires Are Getting Worse

"You’ve got fuel, you’ve got weather, and you have what’s readily available to burn. You add those together. It’s like the perfect storm."
Nicole Clark