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Chef Shares Horrifying Video of Plastic Garbage He Found in a Fish's Stomach

Despite more than three decades working as a chef, nothing could’ve prepared Ricardo Muñoz Zurita for what he recently found inside a fish.
Jelisa Castrodale
Australia Today

This Australian Guy Used a Baby Shark as a Bong

He's since gone offline after copping serious backlash on social media.
Gavin Butler

This Japanese Fisherman Discovered Bolivia’s Only Giant Freshwater Clams

Twenty years ago, Gustavo Mizushima, whose family moved from Japan to Bolivia in the aftermath of World War II, discovered giant clams on his fish farm. No one knows how they got there, but the mollusks are now in high demand.
Sorrel Moseley-Williams
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A Teen Survived at Sea for 49 Days in This Rickety, Floating Hut

Miraculously, ten ships passed by without seeing him before one finally came to the rescue.
Drew Schwartz
Australia Today

Shark Nets in NSW Are Killing Lots of Dolphins, Not Many Sharks

Plus lots of turtles and over 100 stingrays.
VICE Staff

The Octopus Hunters of Indonesia

Diving beneath the waves with some seriously low-tech fishermen .
Hendri Abik
The Ocean

Congratulations to This Woman and Her Massive Fish

A British tourist has caught a freakishly large bass of the coast of Western Australia.
Katherine Gillespie
Australia Today

What the Hell Is This Enormous Fish?

"It was a big, big fish."
VICE Staff
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Harrowing Stories From Working on the Sea

Fishing remains one of the most dangerous jobs in Canada. We talked to captains about their most hazardous experiences.
Quetin Casey
the vice reader

My Hunt for the 400-Year-Old Shark Whose Flesh Gets You High

'Shark Drunk' is an engrossing new memoir about shark fishing in the Arctic Circle that's 'Moby Dick' meets Knausgaard's 'My Struggle.'
Morten Strøksnes
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Two Guys in the US Just Got Indicted for Eel Trafficking

That's an actual federal crime.
Drew Schwartz

Listen to Pelvis's Glitchy Remix of Fishing's "Yuwa"

Ahead of their EP 'Pleasure Dome' dropping this Friday, we premiere this juicy little remix.
Issy Beech