Monsoon Season is Devastating South Asia Right Now

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, hundreds are dead and millions have fled their homes. And monsoon season is just beginning.
David Gilbert

Megafloods on Mars Carved Giant Canyons Into the Red Planet

Jezero Crater, site of a Martian paleolake, is on the shortlist of landing sites for NASA's Mars 2020 rover.
Becky Ferreira
Internet Exploring

This Country Tune About Not Dying in Floods Is the Real Song of the Summer

The National Weather Service of America wants you to know that you should "Turn Around Don't Drown" in this alarmingly catchy and terrifyingly dystopian new ad.
Phil Witmer
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch a Monster Truck Save an Army Vehicle from Houston Floodwaters

Drivers from the Dallas racetrack "Rednecks with Paychecks" brought five jacked-up trucks into Houston to do rescue work.
Drew Schwartz
Natural Disaster

After the Flood: Scenes of Sodden Devastation in Lismore

We visited the flood-stricken town to see how residents are pulling their lives back together.
Jed Smith
Year 2050

Introducing 'Year 2050,' Our Guide to Surviving the Next 33 Years of Climate Change

How much will our world change after three decades of rising temperatures?
Mike Pearl

Albertans Are the Only Canadians Who Think Oil Is More Important Than Water, Says Survey

Not surprisingly, Calgary and Montreal have very different answers to the question, "What is our most important natural resource?"
Sarah Berman
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of El Niño?

Here in Los Angeles, rain can be scary.
Mike Pearl

Haunting Photos of Bosnia's Never-Ending Land Mine and Flooding Problem

Earlier this year, Bosnia experienced massive flooding, and as a result land mines that had been dormant for almost two decades slid into towns, disguised under a layer of wet, dark earth.
Veda Partalo
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When It Rains It PLURs: Portraits from Electric Daisy Carnival New York

“I don't want to touch anyone. There’s like a slime, a real new kind of filth on everyone now. We’re elbow to asshole here.”

Noah's Ark

We know every Sunday you tell your mom you're at church when you're really drunk off your ass at brunch, so for this week's Sunday comic, we had our pal James Harvey create a comic about Noah's ark.
James Harvey

Pictures from a Serbian Town Underwater

Last week when I was researching a story on migration, I found myself in Obrenovac, a Serbian town some 18 miles southwest of central Belgrade, and it looked more like a lake than a town.
Giorgos Moutafis