Getting Out of Bed

Why Do So Many Adult Men Keep Their Mattresses On The Floor?

Despite most bed frames costing less than a month's worth of cold brews, there appears to be an epidemic of grown-ass men refusing to hoist their mattresses onto one. We investigate.
Maria Yagoda

Behold, the College Party by Which All Other College Parties Will Be Judged

The party was lit until a stream of bodies, cheap booze, and splintered wood fell through the floor and into the apartment below.
Drew Schwartz

The "Supercollider" Never Turned Off: Cavity's Daniel Gorostiaga on Returning to Ruination

Bringing the heaviness to you this fall at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY.
Fred Pessaro
New music

Noisey Presents Original Sludge Metal Pioneers CAVITY in Brooklyn!

More than a decade in the making, the band that spawned Torche, Floor, Black Cobra, and a legion of others returns.
Noisey Staff

PREMIERE: Sugary Doom Metal Pop From Torche and Their New Streaming LP 'Restarter'

Out next week via Relapse Records, and streaming in full now at Noisey!
Noisey Staff
Breaking News

Suicidal Florida Man Exchanges Hundreds of Rounds With Police, Burning the Floor and House of Lightning Practice Space Down

A horrifying police standoff leaves a SWAT team member wounded and the perpetrator dead.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Torche's Thundering Poppy-Doom Track May Make You One of Their "Minions"

Drone the fuck out.
Noisey Staff

Torche Started Where Floor Left Off and Now, Floor Is Starting Where Floor Left Off

Steve Brooks talks about writing new Floor riffs after a twelve-year gap, why metal sucks, and why High On Fire are the greatest band.
Noisey Staff
New music

Here's A Ripper By House Of Lightning, So Check Out the "New Jam"

Member of FLOOR doubles up
Noisey Staff
New music

Floor "Find Away" To Come Back Strong A Decade Later

New song from Oblation emerges
Fred Pessaro
New music

Floor is Back, And Invite You To Their "War Party"

From the band's forthcoming 'Oblation' LP
Fred Pessaro
New music

Noisey Presents Torche in NYC!

An exclusive on-off for the Florida boys!