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Watch Dave Grohl Jam with Dave Grohl in a New Documentary Called 'Play'

He builds a 23-minute song, tracking drums, guitar, bass, keys, and anything else he can get his hands on.
Alex Robert Ross
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Dave Grohl Gives His Own Severed Head to Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel will, he says, pass it on to his own mother.
Alex Robert Ross
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Dave Grohl Still Has Trouble Listening to Nirvana's Music

In a new interview with GQ, the Foo Fighters leader shares his thoughts on Kurt Cobain's legacy, the shame of having Trump as president, and the "punk rock" appeal of Lil Pump.
Phil Witmer
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Watch The Foo Fighters and Rick Astley 'Rick Roll' Fans Live in Japan

Noisey Staff

I Had Wholesome Chats with Foo Fighters Dads at Glastonbury

Most young people don't appreciate the best live band in the world, so I found some people who do.
Hannah Ewens

Watch Chris Shiflett's Video for "West Coast Town"

Warning: The video from the Foo Fighters guitarist will absolutely make you want to go to the beach immediately and also buy some of those cowboy boots that are sandals
Noisey Staff
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Taylor Swift Once Saved a Blazed Dave Grohl from Embarrassing Himself in Front of Paul McCartney

The Foo Fighters' frontman explains what happens u high af at a party with a Beatle and can't remember any of your own songs.
Noisey Staff
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Prince Didn't Care About Rain

Superbowl 2007 producer: "So, Prince, you know it's raining for your Superbowl performance?" Prince: "Can you make it rain harder?"
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Axl Rose Broke His Foot and Borrowed Dave Grohl's Throne to Play Show

Grohl and Axl are definitely cool.
John Hill
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Dave Grohl Has Sent a Letter to Cornwall Council, Pleading For the Preservation of Safely Practiced Rock'n'Roll

Dave Grohl versus Cornwall: The beef we all knew was coming.
Daisy Jones

Dave Grohl Trolls Internet with Announcement That He's Ditching Foo Fighters for EDM Career

"All you gotta do is hit one button"
Michael Scott Barron
Holy Shit

A Rare Version of Nirvana's "Marigold" Has Surfaced, Featuring Some Pretty Moving Cello

Just when you think the well has been tapped dry, we are gifted with an alternate version.
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