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This Food Artist Is Building a Border Wall out of Spoiled Cotija Cheese

Cosimo Cavallaro believes that “dairy and milk symbolize life, and walls symbolize fear and borders.”
Bettina Makalintal

I Ate Monochromatic Meals For the Sake of Art

I'm obsessed with conceptual artist Sophie Calle's 1998 work "The Chromatic Diet." I wanted to see how it worked in the age of unicorn food.
Emma Orlow
food art

Sushi Rappers Make Rice and Fish Look Fly

Kanye West, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert transform into adorable sushi sculptures.
Beckett Mufson
paper art

[NSFW] Food Is Sexy in This Hungry and Horny Paper Animation

The two paper-made characters aren’t afraid to get a little hot and heavy over some spaghetti.
Diana Shi
environmental art

These Delicious-Looking Popsicles Are Full of Trash

Three Taiwanese art students froze samples of their city’s water in order to call attention to their nation's pollution problem.
Dyllan Furness
food art

Is This the Best Avocado Art on Instagram?

The avocado art craze is in full effect so we compiled some of our favorite artists working with the green fruit.
Nathaniel Ainley
art book

A Delectable Food Photography Book Follows the History of Foodporn

Aperture introduces another pleasing retrospective exploring the history of us taking photos of our meals.
Diana Shi

A Korean Latte Artist Is Pushing the Limits of Coffee Creativity

Kangbin Lee creates incredibly detailed artworks on the tops of coffee.
Nathaniel Ainley
food art

The Art of “Shoe-Shi,” Shoe-Shaped Sushi

Chef Yujia Hu crafts raw fish kicks that look good enough to wear (and eat).
Diana Shi

Gigantic Smashed Candy Sculptures Will Give You a Sugar High

Hyperrealist sculptor Peter Anton has created sculptures of cherry pie, confetti cake, ice cream sundae, and a chocolate bunny, amongst other sugary treats, then smashed them.
DJ Pangburn

A Bizarre Photo Series Deconstructs Gourmet Meals Onto Human Faces

A human face serves as the canvas in an unconventional and disturbing take on culinary photography.
Diana Shi
food art

Watching Candy Melt in Reverse to Classical Music Is the Best

Mass-produced sweets get a fiery death to Vivaldi in a fun little short by Erwin Trummer.
Beckett Mufson