food waste


Bogus Food Expiration Dates Make You Waste Food

Throwing away food because of a sell by date is wasteful and expensive.
Gina Ragusa

This Four-Star Hotel Shames Food-Wasters with Photos of Starving Children

At Hotel Monopol, Chinese guests have been singled out for their alleged tendency to load up their plates at the buffet and then ditch the piles of uneaten food.
Hilary Pollack

More Than a Third of the Fish Killed for Food Gets Thrown Away

At the current rate of overfishing, the entire continent of Africa might have to import its fish in the future.
Ian Burke
Australia Today

The People Behind Lentil As Anything Have Opened a Free Supermarket

The pay-what-you-feel store in Melbourne is also fighting food waste.
Wendy Syfret

This, Apparently, Is the Most Ethical Meal in the World

Just how easy is it to eat food that won't ruin the world?
Sophie Wilkinson

300 Million Cockroaches Eat Restaurant Waste on This Chinese Farm

When the roaches die, their bodies are powdered and made into feed. It's the wonderful circle of life!
Jelisa Castrodale

Melbourne Tried to Have a Tomato Festival and It Was a Violent Mess

I saw a guy almost blinded when his glasses were smashed. I saw a kid in a tiger suit crying on the ground. I saw a woman struggling to pick herself up among the fury of legs and arms. I saw things I'll never unsee.
Jack Callil

I Dumpster-Dived with a Bunch of Freegans

I hung out with a bunch of freegans, a group dedicated to saving anything that people wastefully throw away. We groped through the dirty trash bins of several reputable grocery stores and then cooked and ate our findings. Health-code violations be...
Ashley Hoffman