Greedy Bankers Are Already Creating the Next Financial Crisis

Banks have record profits, but Democrats and Republicans both seem determined to play with disaster.
Matt Taylor
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Obama Has Always Been Cool with Taking Wall Street Cash

But accepting $400,000 for a speech right after leaving office, when his own refusal to take on Wall Street probably helped elect Trump, is still a uniquely bad look.
David Dayen

When You Find Out Your Neighbours Own Your House and They Try to Evict You

Turns out when veteran Danny Shedd thought he bought his house, he actually didn't. Then his problems started.
David Dayen
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Rick Ross Dispenses Valuable Real Estate Advice, Announces Album with New Track "Foreclosures"

The MMG Boss releases a new track before he drops his new album 'Black Dollar.'
Noisey Canada Staff

This Former Bank Regulator Quit His Job to Fight For His House

Eric Mains has been fighting big banks in court for years, and now he's embarking on a major gambit: He doesn't think they can prove they actually own his mortgage.
David Dayen

The Lawyer Who Went from Fighting for Guantánamo Bay Inmates to Going After Shady Banks

Josh Denbeaux takes on cases most attorneys would consider lost causes. When I asked him why, he said, "Well, I don't lose."
David Dayen

​Do Not Try to Take a Hoarder’s Stuff or He’ll Shoot You Dead

Prosecutors pinned Californian Joseph Corey as a cold-blooded murderer who laid in wait to kill any lawman who showed up at his door, but evidence suggests he was a mentally ill hoarder who had lost his grip on reality.
Hadley Bell

Boston's Foreclosures and Record Gentrification Aren't Just Random Coincidences

This June, a Boston activist organization occupied a house in the Dorchester neighborhood after the government denied a nonprofit's offer to buy the house. This occupation was another retaliation against an equity draught which has been stymieing...
Johnny Magdaleno

Four Photographers Snuck into and Explored Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

While the Ranch floats in real estate limbo, we spoke to the group of photographers who snuck onto the grounds to explore the abandoned kingdom.
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