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Man Acquitted on Charges He Tried to Fatten Himself Up with Fried Chicken to Avoid Army Service

Prosecutors argued that the 22-year-old Korean man intentionally gorged himself on chicken and booze before his physical exam.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Chicken Wings Are My Culture

With every saucy, saturated, ranch-dipped bite, I embrace an act that in the past was used to stereotype and demean Black people such as myself.
Erica Hawkins
fried chicken

The Mysterious, Stubborn Appeal of Mass-Produced Fried Chicken

Why do so many accomplished chefs call Popeyes their favorite fried chicken?
Adam Clair

My Decadent Deep-Fried Christmas at KFC Japan

What’s red, white, and involves feasting on a large fried chicken, brought to you by a jolly, overweight bearded white man? Japanese KFC.
Jessie Thompson

Man Tweets at KFC for a Year Until They Bring Back His Favourite Dish

A hero for the modern age.
Dan Bratman
fried chicken

Indonesians are Getting Fried Chicken Delivered From Saudi Arabia

Why would anyone want a box of four-day-old fried chicken? I ordered some to find out.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
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I Ate Loads of Vegan Fried Chicken With Orlando Weeks From the Maccabees

I discovered he's a Leo, his favourite film is 'Dunkirk' and he likes to make collages out of postcards in his spare time.
Daisy Jones
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I Spent a Week Eating Nothing But Fried Chicken to See if You Really Can Have too Much of a Good Thing

Sometimes love hurts.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

How I Saved a Town by Spending a Day at Its KFC Buffet

For only $10.50, KFC would let me hate-bang my arteries with fried chicken until closing hours.
Devin Pacholik
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People Are Mad That This UK Fried Chicken Truck's Logo Looks a Like a Cock

The fried chicken shop's owner says he never noticed that the rooster logo looks a lot like a dick and balls.
Tom Usher

We Scored Tittsworth's Fried Chicken Recipe

The fusion dish reflects his inner redneck, Asian, Marylander and fat kid. Tampons optional.
Michael Fichman

Eat the Fish, Bitch

At the Oscars on Sunday my complicated relationship with catfish will unfold, thanks to the movie <i>August: Osage County</i>. In it, there's a scene reminiscent of my experience with the iconic Southern bottom-feeder, where Meryl Streep refuses to eat...
Ross Kenneth Urken