Remembering Things

30 Years Ago Fugazi Played Their First Show as a Three Piece

Listen to the Washington DC punk legends performing “Waiting Room” at the Wilson Centre in 1987.
Jose Bautista
Noisey News

Fugazi Have Given The Green Light to a New Fugazi-Based Opera

The Washington DC punk legends have approved an opera based on their live recording archives.
Noisey Staff
Remembering Things

Remembering When Punk Legends Fugazi Played the Ballarat YMCA

This was a time before Facebook, when show promotion often involved handing out flyers at bus stops.
Doug Wallen

Photos That Prove Punk Didn't Die in the 80s

'Still Screaming' is a traveling photography exhibition showing rare and unseen images of seminal punk bands from the late 80s onward.
Mark Beemer

Dischord Records Is More Than Minor Threat and Fugazi: A Deep Dig Into The Label's Back Catalogue

With the Dischord records catalogue now available on Bandcamp, we take a look at some of the more overlooked songs on the legendary DC label.
Tim Scott
The Next On Tour

Why I’ll Always Be Indebted to My Local Youth Centre

Watching Fugazi perform in a suburban all-ages venue changed my life.
Noisey Staff
Remembering Things

Remember That Time Radiohead Played a Surprise Show at Washington, DC's 9:30 Club?

Read two excerpts of the book celebrating the iconic club's 35th anniversary, featuring comments from Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, and more.
Noisey Staff
Internet Exploring

Someone Made a Google Chrome Extension That Turns "Benghazi" into "Fugazi"

Fox News has never looked better.
Dan Ozzi
Internet Exploring

A 14 Year-Old Dave Grohl Sent Fanmail to Fugazi's Ian MacKaye

"Good thrash"
Emma Garland
staff picks and good shit

Staff Picks and Good Shit for the Week of May 1

Here's what the Noisey editors were listening to this week.
Noisey Staff

Space, Clarity, and Things As They Are: How Beauty Pill Made an Album as Unpredictable as Life Itself

Behind the heart surgery, art gallery installations, and dog bowls that led to Beauty Pill’s brilliant new album, 'Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are.'
Al Shipley

Why Fugazi's Politics Are as Frighteningly Relevant Today as They Were in 1988

From gentrification to sexual assault on college campuses, Ian MacKaye's dire predictions for the future have all come true.