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10 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a Kidnapper

“When my men left their homes, they told their families that they might not be coming back alive. And most of them did not.”
Zeyad Masroor Khan
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The Resurrection of Australia’s Most Violent Gang: Brothers 4 Life

We interviewed members of the B4L in Blacktown.
Mahmood Fazal
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Igor Coko Captures Lost Time Inside a Serbian Prison

“Being a prisoner is a skill. You have to learn how to to stay undamaged.”
Mahmood Fazal
Australia Today

Australia’s First Refugee Was an Undercover Cop Who Infiltrated the 'Bandidos'

The informant fled the country after the Government blew his cover.
Gavin Butler
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Everything Changes When You Survive a Shooting

I talked with two friends—one a military translator, the other a drug dealer—about how bullets have affected all our lives.
Mahmood Fazal
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A Tense, Sake-Fuelled Afternoon With Japan's Yakuza

We talked police crackdowns and severed fingers with Japan's most famous underworld organisation.
Mahmood Fazal

Why Acid Attacks Have Doubled in the UK

The use of corrosive liquids to disfigure people for life is becoming sickeningly popular.
Max Daly
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Why a Mongrel Mob Leader is Helping New Zealand Police Hunt Kidnappers

Waikato Mob leader Sonny Fatupaito feels obligated as a father to hunt them down.
Beatrice Hazlehurst

Meet the Auckland Boys Who Blast Celine Dion From Tiny Bikes

The Christian boys from Auckland who blast Celine Dion for street cred.
Aubrey Edwards

Inside the Ballsy Irish Traveller Gang That Stole Millions of Pounds Worth of Rhino Horn

A detailed look at the crimes of the Rathkeale Rovers, the gang that was sentenced today for stealing £57 million worth of rhino horns and Chinese artefacts.
Mark Wilding

California's Obnoxious Gang of Rich, Old Surfer Dudes Is Finally Being Sued

The Lunada Bay Boys have allegedly been bullying people who tried to surf their break for years. After one of them recently assaulted an off-duty cop, they're finally getting sued.
Jacob Harper
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How a Reformed Criminal Is Helping Offenders Navigate the Law

Jason Coghlan was jailed for armed robbery before finding an even more lucrative pastime: studying law to cater to gangsters in Spain.
VICE Staff