In 2018, Death Metal Reigned Supreme

As the world burned around us, a new class of forward-thinking bands rose up from the ashes to remind us that only death is real.


Noisey Presents Skeletonwitch's 'Curse of the Dead' North American Tour

Noisey faves Iron Reagan, Oathbreaker, Homewrecker, and Gatecreeper will join the 'witch on their headlining September/October run.


Sweat, Snarls, and Kurt Cobain Wigs: Photos from Volume 4 of Arizona's Southwest Terror Fest

Get an eyeful of Matt Pike communing with the riff, Graves at Sea raising hell, and Thou channeling Nirvana in a basement.


Death in the Desert: Dropdead, Sleep, and Bongripper Decimated Arizona

Thou, The Body, Landmine Marathon, Gatecreeper, and a host of others raged and roared at Tucson's Southwest Terror Fest Volume 4.


Gaze Into the Abyss of Arizona Death Metal Tyrants Gatecreeper's "Poisoned Mind"

Listen to a diabolical new tune from the Arizona death metal crew's upcoming split with Take Over And Destroy.