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Meet the 17-Year-Old Boy Calling Out His Classmates for Objectifying Women

Noah Abraham is a leader in ManUp, an initiative that aims to get high school boys to reject toxic masculinity and to learn about sexual consent.
Manisha Krishnan
6 hours ago
Australia Today

The Northern Territory is Suffering from a Severe Drought of Women

The state government has pledged millions of dollars toward balancing out the gender ratio.
Gavin Butler

Men Describe Being Proposed to By Women

"It was a dizzying kind of surreal joy the likes of which I’ve never felt before."
Leila Ettachfini
Beauty Pageant

The Male Beauty Pageant Where Female Judges Sleep with the Winners

Wodaabe men from northern Niger spend up to six hours getting made up to compete in their annual swinging festival.
Amuse Team
Australia Today

More Australian Kids Than Ever Are Seeking Gender Confirmation Treatment

Experts suggest the upswing is reflective of a global trend.
Gavin Butler
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Monogamy May Be Even More Difficult For Women Than it Is For Men

Experts are challenging long-held ideas about gender and fidelity.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD

A Brief History of Jerks Using Tofu-Eating as an Insult

Ted Cruz's recent remarks come from a long line of right-wingers mocking people for eating soy products.
Jelisa Castrodale

Who Gets to Use the Term 'Partner'?

Some queer people feel it should belong to the LGBTQ community, but others feel the non-gendered term should be normalized for everyone.
Coco Romack
Australia Today

WA Considers Non-Binary Option for Newborn Babies' Birth Certificates

The state's Law Reform Commission wants to change the way we recognise gender.
Gavin Butler

Two New Skate Films Are Subverting Gender Norms

The girls of 'Skate Kitchen' and boys of 'Minding the Gap' both get to be brave and vulnerable, cocky and complex.
Eileen G'Sell

It Might Be Time to Retire the Buzz Phrase ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Ahead of the release of her new book ‘I’m Afraid of Men’ author Vivek Shraya reflects on masculinity myths.
Alison Sinkewicz

Why Men Exaggerate the Number of Women They've Slept With

A new study examines the gender discrepancy in a survey around sexual partners. We spoke with the lead author on the study about their findings.
Kimberly Lawson