gender identity


Five People on Their Favourite Things About Being Nonbinary

"Without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of discovering and embracing my identity was realizing that I didn't need to conform to anyone else's notion of what gender is."


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Laurence Philomene celebrates marginalised identities with vibrant colours and toothy smiles.


'The Sims' Now Lets You Create Gender Neutral Characters

"The update gives players more ways to reflect the world around them, or in their imaginations," said the game's lead producer Lyndsay Pearson.


A New Paradise: The Gender Fluid Tribes of the Colombian Amazon

Sensual, transgressive, and playful portraits of the Ticuna tribe in Colombia.


What I Learned from Living with the Controversial Catholic Sect Opus Dei as a Queer Person

I spent a year living in an all-male religious commune run by an obscure Roman Catholic sect. Here's what that was like.


Conservative Canadians Are Losing Their Shit over Gender-Inclusive Schools

While the idea behind the new guidelines are clearly to create a more inclusive school system, some of the inflammatory reactions from the media suggest otherwise.


We Revisit This Year's Major Transgender Issues on Today's 'Daily VICE'

This year saw both a massive rise in trans visibility, but also a spike in violence against those who identify as trans.


Dispelling the Myths About Trans People 'Detransitioning'

Stories about trans people looking to reverse their surgeries are far more complicated than tabloid headlines would have you believe.


British Columbia to Grant Transgender Prisoners Option to Transfer from Male to Female Prison

It's a first for the province, which has historically not recognized preoperative transgender inmates.


How Houston Is Being Duped by Bigoted Zealots

After learning that Houston was one of the only cities in the country without an Equal Rights Ordinance, Mayor Annise Parker fought to get one on the books. Now she's fighting even harder to keep it there.


Beautiful Portraits of Trans People

We spoke to Montreal photographer Yannick Fornacciari about his latest series.