Question of the Day: How Do You Feel About the Word 'Cunt'?

"I just feel very shocked when people use it."


Bush Is Back in Porn, Baby!

Will the mainstream follow porn? Or is porn following the mainstream?


A Yakuza Boss Allegedly Put Out a Hit on a Nurse After His Botched Dick Surgery

A few months after Satoru Nomura​ went under the knife for a penis enlargement procedure, one of his nurses was stabbed on the street.


This Towel Covers Your Private Parts with Private Parts

Ken Kagami’s collaboration with THE THING Quarterly undresses censorship and body politics with a fluffy bath towel and an essay from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.


[NSFW] This Artist Will Turn Your Tumblr into a Surreal CGI Nude

All you have to do is visit girls-unawares on Tumblr—he's taking requests.


A Serious Conversation with a Scientist About How the Dragons on 'Game of Thrones' Fuck

Probably best to consider it a non-canonical conversation.


We Spoke to a 'Sex Priestess' About Working with Victims of Sexual Trauma

Kerri Ryan, a sexological bodyworker and self-proclaimed sex priestess, works to help women who have suffered sexual abuse or traumatic childbirths.


It Takes a Lot of Dick-Tugging to Get Your Foreskin Back

For as long as men have been getting circumcised, some of them have been trying to regrow what's been lost through various stretching and tugging mechanisms.


I Tried a Four-Week Workout Regimen to Strengthen My Dick

Some doctors recommend that men do the male equivalent of Kegel exercises, but would lifting a 2.5-ounce weight with my penis really improve my quality of life?


A Literal Cock And Bull Story

"Yamba, a handsome Angus bull, had broken his penis. Or at least, that's what it looked like."


This Guy Says He Nearly Burned His House Down While Boiling a Big Ol’ Pot of Dildos

He was trying to clean them, but then life got in the way.


Meet the Bassist Who Ruptured His Scrotum on a Glitter Cannon

The bassist in Dutch symphonic metal band ​Delain managed seven songs after a bit of stagecraft went horribly wrong in England last month.