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1,000-Year-Old Pristine Mayan Artefacts Found in Sealed 'Jaguar God' Cave

The cave was first discovered by local farmers in 1966, but was walled off until last year for unknown reasons.
Becky Ferreira

Three Otters Were Stolen From a Sanctuary and Nobody Knows Why

Please SAFELY return Sigmund, Nessy, and Ned.
Sarah Emerson
I can do it in monk's robes

Buddhist Monks Are Flexing on Twitter to Protest a Japanese Traffic Law

The Japanese hashtag #僧衣でできるもん, “I can do it in monk’s robes,” is more than just a Twitter thing.
Sarah Emerson

Roosh V Shuttering His Godawful Misogynist Website After Successful Boycotts

Good fucking riddance.
Mack Lamoureux
To Hell And Back

The Zen of Cleaning Out Your Black Metal Record Collection

The only silver lining to moving tons of vinyl, plus some sweet tunes from Thou, False, Habak, Neckbeard Deathcamp, Penance Stare, and more.
Kim Kelly
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Elon Musk Called One of the Divers in Thailand a ‘Pedo’

The Tesla billionaire has been feuding with Vern Unsworth since the diver called his mini-submarine a PR stunt.
Wendy Syfret
Australia Today

Michaelia Cash Isn’t Sorry For Her Comments About Bill Shorten's Female Staff

Malcolm Turnbull has come to her defence, saying Cash has been "bullied and provoked".
Staff Vice
Remembering Things

Mistletone Share Some Lost Favourites of Their First 11 Years

To celebrate their birthday, Sophie Miles looks back at the Melbourne label and touring company's forgotten moments.
Noisey Staff
Music Video Premieres

ASKA's Stunning New Video is a Requiem to a Friend

"We Are Water" transforms the mystery of loss and heartache into lush piano soundscapes.
Tim Scott
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The Man Who Owns the Smiley Face

Behind the scenes at Smiley, one of the world’s biggest licensed lifestyle brands.
Joel Golby
Back and Forth

Behold: Stormzy and Ed Sheeran in One Flavourful Conversation

Ahead of the release of their new albums, we brought the pair together for an episode of our 'Back and Forth' series.
Noisey Staff

Psychologists Have Discovered a Way to 'Inoculate' People Against Fake News

Researchers found that people are generally better at recognizing fake news once they understand how it's generated and used to manipulate people.
Brian Moylan