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There Was a Tea Party Anti-Iran Deal Rally in DC and It Was Bonkers

Speakers like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck denounced the deal as the potential bringer of a literal apocalypse.


Glenn Beck 2.0: Richer, Kinder, and Out to Conquer the World

After years of suffering from a serious brain illness, the conservative firebrand is retiring his pitchfork. He tells us about his kinder, gentler plan to save America.


Republicans Hate the New AP History Exam

The new AP US History exam stresses "historical themes" at the expense of the "founding fathers." Conservatives are pissed.


How Do People Not Believe in Climate Change, and How Can I Become One of Them?

Are journalists at fault for failing to convince us just how horrible global warming will be? Denial and doubt can be tempting—even to those who cover this stuff for a living.


There's a Plan to Tax You for the Ability to Use Roads

Southern California is hatching a plan to restructure the way all of America pays taxes for using gas, essentially reframing the whole thing as a tax on use of roads rather than gas.


Cliven Bundy's Racism Is a Problem for Republicans

The rancher's fight with federal land agents comes with a side of racist wingnut.


The Bundy Ranch Standoff Was Only the Beginning for America's Right-Wing Militias

An armed showdown in the desert became a proxy war between the paranoid right and the federal government.


Hitler Madness: The Tournament to Officially Determine the Most Hitlerish Person of All Time

People are accused of being like Adolf Hitler all the time, and occasionally their behavior is at least Hitler-ish, like when they're invading countries or advocating genocide. But who in world history is the most like Hitler? Well, that...


Woman Surprised to See Fat Black Girl in Her Yoga Class Angers Internet

xoJane recently published an essay about a white woman's surprise at seeing a heavy-set black woman at her yoga studio, and how that made her feel a bunch of liberal guilt. She even said she "cried" when she got home.


When Is It OK to Pee in a Jar?

Sure, Glenn Beck can pee in jars and sell the pee on the internet for thousands of dollars. But what about regular folks, folks who don't have media empires? When is it OK for them to whizz in a jar?


Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally

VICE travels to Washington DC to experience Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Christian Revival!