Public Servant Fired After Pissing in the Office Kettle

Colleagues displayed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in the wake of the incident, which has since been dubbed "Kettle-gate".


Australia Has No Way of Knowing Whether Its $450-Million War on Meth is Working

An auditor has found that the Department of Health isn't monitoring its own National Ice Action Strategy to see whether it's effective.


Teens Use Tobacco as Much as They Vape—But, OK! Ban Flavored Juul Pods!

Weird how the Trump administration isn't going after the tobacco industry, which spent $23 million in lobbying last year.


How Colombia's Peace Deal Failed

“You can try to put a band-aid on this conflict, but you can’t defuse the time bomb, because there’s a deeper social conflict that underlies it.”


How Long Can Weed Show Up in a Drug Test?

A study on some of the world's heaviest smokers may give us a better understanding of how long marijuana can be detected in urine samples.


I Spied on Germany's National Spy Agency

Because someone had to.


Humanising Portraits of Mentally Ill Inmates at Cook County Jail

The jail has become the largest mental health care provider in the US.


India Is the World's Biggest Democracy. It's Also the Worst for Shutting Down the Internet

The Internet has been turned off 97 times already this year, 18 more times than in all of 2017.


The Government Is Coming for Your Chop Chop

As well as any other slightly dodgy sources of cheap tobacco you’re relying on due to steep price hikes in recent years.


Barnaby Joyce Officially Lists Vikki Campion as His Partner

No word on whether the baby's paternity is still a "grey area".


Watch New Declassified Footage of a Navy Encounter with a UFO

If you’re wondering whether Blink 182 is somehow involved in this, the answer is "yes, of course they are."


It Was Only When I Quit Drinking That I Realised How Bad It Was For Me

Maybe some of us need pictures of liver cirrhosis on bottles of gin.