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Please Take a Moment To Appreciate This Artful Vandalism Of Clive Palmer Billboards

Australia, let's all gather together to appreciate the men and women creating these living memes across the country.
Wendy Syfret

The Artist Creating Miniatures of Australia's Forgotten Buildings

Joshua Smith thinks there's beauty in decay.
Mahmood Fazal
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Are Eshays Australia’s Most Prolific Performance Artists?

Because commissioned "street art" is whack.
Mahmood Fazal
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The Man Who Defaced Eurydice Dixon’s Memorial Says it Was an ‘Attack on Feminism’

VICE Staff

This Photographer Spent Nearly Ten Years with Europe’s Graffiti Youth

Marco Mendia shares his grainy snapshots of rebellious graffiti youth in metro tunnels and abandoned warehouses.
Beckett Mufson
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Interviewing the Eshayz Behind Cult Game 'Big City Earnerz'

“Dodge the jackz n collect max pingaz.”
Mahmood Fazal
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These Dickheads Scrawled Graffiti Over the Body of a Beached Whale

They carved "Ana Ti Amo" (I love you Ana) onto the whale's skin and sat on its head posing for photos.
Mac Hackett
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Landlord Who Destroyed 5Pointz Must Pay Graffiti Artists US$6.7M

The building's owner trashed the country's "largest collection of exterior aerosol art" to build luxury condos.
Kara Weisenstein
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The West Australian Police Are Paying People To Narc On Graffers

The state's latest anti-graffiti campaign video is glorious, sexy, and cringeworthy.
Wendy Syfret
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Netflix Is Making a True-Crime Parody About Dick Graffiti

The series, 'American Vandal,' aims to get to the bottom of a more mundane, if not equally important, mystery.
VICE Staff
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Trump Fan Tries to Frame Democrats with Worst Street Art Ever

The guy wrote "Left Is the Best" graffiti all over an elementary school to get people mad at Democrats, but police saw right through his genius scheme.
River Donaghey

Photos of a London You Rarely See

We spoke to one member of artist collective The Lurkers about their new book, made up of photos they've taken while graffitiing the walls of a gentrifying city.
Tom Usher