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Young Australians Talk Climate Change, Immigration, Indigenous Affairs and More

In the lead up to Australia’s Federal Election, VICE invites people with a broad range of experiences and expertise to discuss the most pressing issues of our nation.
VICE Staff
VICE Votes

How Are You Voting: Immigrants

“Australian politics just seems cooked to me most of the time. There's so much shouting in parliament and it's just madness.”
Maggie Coggan
VICE Votes

How Are You Going to Vote: First Time Voters

“I don't know a whole lot. I just know that the Liberals are the worst because I'm Indigenous, queer, and don't have a whole lot of money.”
Maggie Coggan
Australia Today

A Rundown of Yesterday’s Insanely Gross, Sexist Day in the Senate

One senator suggested we combat sexual violence by giving women tasers. Another told Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to “stop shagging men”.
Wendy Syfret
Australia Today

The Greens Want to Save Australia's Gaming Industry

The party has announced a funding plan for local developers worth $100 million.
Katherine Gillespie

If Labor Wants to Win, Why Don't They Just Team Up With the Greens?

A Labor-Greens coalition could give the Liberals and the Nationals a run for their money. Osman Faruqi investigates whether it could actually happen.
Osman Faruqi

Could the Greens Push Labor to End Offshore Detention?

If Labor wants to win the election they might have to form a coalition with the Greens—but the minor party says no deal unless the ALP changes its hardline policy on refugees.
Lauren Gillin

Three NSW Police Officers Have Been Caught Trolling an Anti-Sniffer Dog Facebook Page

Sniff Off allows users to post alerts when they see police dog operations around Sydney. The page's administrators contacted us when officers were caught denying their whereabouts.
Paul Gregoire

Some Arguments Against Gay Marriage in Australia

As gay marriage sweeps across such ultra-left-wing nations as Ireland and the United States, we look at the most persuasive reasons why Australia shouldn't follow suit.
Lee Zachariah

IT System 'Glitches' Have Left Hundreds Unable to Vote in the UK General Election

Hundreds of people in the London Borough of Hackney are furious after being told that they might not be able to vote today due to technical difficulties.
Eleanor Morgan

What’s Driving the Rising Support for the Australian Greens?

Is the increased support for the Greens' merely disaffected voters turning away from the major parties, or a sign that the Australian electorate is turning towards more progressive ideals?
Paul Gregoire

A British Green Party Volunteer Got Fired Because of a Social Media Brouhaha

Stephen Delahunty was lost his volunteer role and paid job after some Labour Party politicians objected to a supposedly offensive image on his Twitter feed.
Joel Golby