Woman in Viral Video Who Licked Carton of Ice Cream and Put It Back Could Go to Jail

Fun fact: Licking food and putting it back on the shelf isn't just super disgusting; it's also a felony!


Restaurant Temporarily Closed After Decomposing Body Leaked Through Its Ceiling

A worker from Siam Corner Thai Kitchen told an officer that there was a strong smell in the kitchen and a red liquid was leaking through the ceiling.


Let's Revisit Those Rumours that Julian Assange Eats Everything with His Hands

"...He ate both the baked potato and the jam pudding with his hands," Assange's former ghostwriter claims.


Man Finds Skid-Marked Underpants in His UberEats Order

We know avocado costs extra, but what about poop-stained thigh-length undies?


Lots of Gross People Refill Minibar Bottles with Their Own Pee

A survey reveals that YOU ARE ALL GROSS.


A Man Allegedly Smelled So Terrible His Flight Had to Make an Emergency Landing

People were reportedly puking and fainting in their seats.


Florida Man Recounts Final Moments of the Roach That Died Inside His Ear

No no no no no no no no no noono nonononon onoandofiasdofnaio wneoia'3po2j2[-3041i3u!


Here's Even More Evidence That Hand Dryers Are Pretty Disgusting

A new study found that they're actually blowing bacteria onto your hands.


This Student Is Getting Death Threats over a Gnarly Hand Dryer Experiment

Apparently, this is what's growing in your office's bathroom dryers.


Delhi Residents Say They’re Getting Rained on By Airline Passenger Poop

India’s environmental court is investigating claims that aircraft are dumping human waste on a Delhi neighborhood.


Oh No, a Second Donald Trump Is Spawning Inside This Dog's Ear

Once you see it, you can never unsee it.