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The Humanising Quality of Music in Harmony Korine's 'Gummo'

A sonic reading of a cult classic that came out 20 years ago and has continued to piss people off ever since.
Emma Garland
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You Can’t Go To David Lynch’s Music Festival But You Can Dream of Other Directors Curating Theirs

What if Sophia, Spike and Harmony curated their own music festivals?
Xiaoran Shi

Harmony Korine Looks Back at His Strange Last Two Decades

We met with the director to talk about his career, the years he spent "mowing lawns and shooting guns," and his love of the TV show 'Cops.'
Steven T Hanley

Andi Galdi Vinko Photographs the Absurd Humor of the Mundane

"A lot of my work is made up of what I think is strange or interesting or striking. It's all plastic and pink—the stuff that we as girls are supposed to love."
Andi Galdi Vinko, Words: Daisy Jones

We Talked to the Director of English Coming-of-Age Drama 'The Goob'

Guy Myhill's new film is like the British version of "Gummo."
Daisy Jones

Harmony Korine's 'The Legend of Cambo'

When Cambo's parents went through a brutal divorce, he fled to the backwoods of Alabama to be alone. No traffic, no people, no responsibility—just pure survival.
VICE Staff
Meet the Nieratkos

Todd Francis Makes Skateboard Art That Doesn't Suck

For the past decade or so skateboarding has found itself bowing to big corporate sponsors and overzealous stage parents' ideas of what's obscene, resulting in mind-numbingly boring board graphics. Todd Francis is a leftover from the golden age of...
Chris Nieratko