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The 'Concealed Carry' Fashion Show Is for People Who Want to Hide Their Guns

It's practical gear for an expanding market, but there's another goal.
Katherine Tutrone
Oliver Noble
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3D Printed Guns Are Easy to Make and Impossible to Stop

Although it must be said, gun enthusiasts aren't impressed with the quality of the 3D-printed guns.
Joshua Hersh
Australia Today

George Christensen Unapologetic For Posing With Gun After Florida School Shooting

The Nationals MP has defended a Facebook post in which he threatened “greenies” with a handgun.
Katherine Gillespie

Why Gun People Are High on Neil Gorsuch

An influential Second Amendment lawyer expects Trump's Supreme Court pick to expand Constitutional protections to guns in public spaces.
Mike Spies

Why It's So Easy for the Mentally Ill to Get and Keep Guns in America

The alleged Fort Lauderdale airport shooter was one of several recent high-profile gunmen who suffered from psychiatric issues but did not meet the high bar for a firearms ban.
Maura Ewing

How Trump Could Make It Way Easier to Carry a Gun Across America

States that impose tough rules for concealed carry could be undermined by the loose standards in places like Utah under President Trump.
Alex Yablon

How the US Government Makes Gun Records Impossible to Trace

The agency gets more than 1,000 requests for gun traces each day. But even small-town libraries have better record-keeping systems.
Dan Friedman

Here's How the Gun Industry Plans to Prevent 10,000 Suicides

They're still selling guns—but it could still be a big development.
Maura Ewing
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The Founder of Black Guns Matter on How to Reduce Urban Violence

"Guns are everywhere in my neighbosrhood. I want my community to know what bullets can do—and how they can exercise their rights."
Maj Toure, as told to Mike Spies
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Trump’s ‘Second Amendment People’ Already Think They Have the Right to Fight the Government with Guns

A constitutional law professor explains the origins of "insurrectionist theory," and its role in the modern gun rights movement.
Olivia Li

What I Learned About My Father from Inheriting His Guns

After my dad died, I wanted nothing to do with his guns. Years later, they revealed a connection we never had in life.
Monica Potts

A Very Incomplete List of People Gun Rights Activists Think Should Be Armed

America won't be safe until every judge, preacher, pilot, bar patron, and doctor is armed to the teeth.
Harry Cheadle