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A Quick Review of Guy Fieri's 71-Song Spotify Cookout Playlist

Kid Rock? Boo. Dolly Parton? WOO!
Annalise Domenighini

According to Guy Fieri, Guy Fieri May Have Influenced Kevin Durant in Warriors Decision

Or was it the two-year $54.3 million contract, the opportunity to play for one of the greatest teams in history, the sponsorships, the business opportunities within the tech industry, and an overall good vibe from the team? Hard to tell.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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This Video of Guy Fieri Eating Food to Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ is Extremely Important

This video of Guy Fieri eating is life, it is death, it is everything in between, this video of Guy Fieri eating is euphoria and despair.
Joel Golby
the worst things of all time

Listen to Smash Mouth Cover 'Under Pressure' In Memory of David Bowie

Annalise Domenighini

Trust Us, You Want to Let Slim Thug Give You a Tour of His House in His New "Piece & Chain" Video

He tries on so many bucket hats.
Kyle Kramer

Reasons Why Las Vegas Is the Worst Place Ever

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—but when you live here, you're stuck cleaning up after all the other people who treat the city like a toilet.
Joie Pena

Triple D... After Dark

Hey, this is Guy Fieri and we’re rollin’ out, searching for America’s greatest, diners, drive-ins, and dives. When I heard that Sloppy’s Grill in Bay City, Michigan, was throwin’ down some of the most righteous French toast this side of the Mississippi...
Mike Burns

Live - Sky Ferreira/Sky Fieri At Glasslands

A real review, plus one that pretends Ferreira is Guy Fieri's long-lost daughter.
Drew Millard