Hallucinogenic Fungi Turn Cicadas Into Sex-Crazed Zombies

When cicadas are infected with this fungus, they lose control of their bodies and mate with anything they can find.
Madeleine Gregory
When the Drugs Hit

What It’s Like to Smoke Salvia for Science

I was the final volunteer in the world's first brain imaging study on salvia divinorum.
Daniel Oberhaus

Some People Relive Psychedelic Trips Years Later

Recreational users of drugs like LSD and mushroom don’t always find psychedelic flashbacks upsetting, though.
Suzannah Weiss

What It's Like to Run the Biggest Drug Encyclopedia in the World

Kenan Sulayman's website PsychonautWiki is an online resource for information on more than 300 hallucinogens.
Eric van den Berg
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Cops Are Investigating a Hallucinogenic Desert Toad Heist

The local conservation area believes the thieves may have wanted to lick the stolen Sonoran Desert toads for their natural psychedelic properties.
Drew Schwartz

This Is How a Bunch of Drugs Affect Your Brain's Ability to Drive

The science behind cannabis, hallucinogens, opioids, and stimulants.
Matilda Whitworth

Remembering When the ‘Titanic’ Crew Ate PCP-Spiked Clam Chowder

Everyone was rushed to hospital. The perpetrator was never found.
Sami Emory
Vice Blog

Eating This Fish Will Give You Horrible Nightmares

We talked to marine biologist Jean Pasqual Quod about a fish curry that gives people hallucinations and nightmares.
Sarah Bellman
VICE Specials

The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate

On this episode of 'VICE Specials,' we travel deep into the Annapurna mountains to join a Gurung village on its hunt for honey that some believe is poisonous and others say has hallucinogenic effects.
the afterparty

Sun Ra’s 'There Are Other Worlds' Is the Best Comedown Song of All Time

People will have a lot of opinions about the best song to listen to when coming down from psychedelics. Though you may have the chillest or most vibe-y track in mind, "There Will Be Other Worlds" is more honest. It sounds like how a comedown feels.
Zach Sokol

Talking Acid Trips and Drug Legalization with the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn

Daniel Miller never expected to become a psychedelics advocate, but the former Ivy League-educated lawyer started the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn last year to help change cultural and political attitudes towards LSD.
William Mathis
The VICE Guide to Right Now

LSD Could One Day Be Used to Help People Confront Death

That's right, your grandparents should try tripping.
Allison Tierney