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This Mixed-Reality Gaming Gun Is Hardcore

VRsenal and Invrse Studios recently teamed up to bring the VR-15 rifle controller to the sniper game ‘The Nest’. Take a look.


I Tried Virtual Reality Meditation Inside a Marijuana Grow Tent

Virtual reality designers Flattsitter and poet Noah Falck take Moogfest attendees into higher states of consciousness.


Play a Virtual Reality Synthesizer With Your Real Hands

Amsterdam-based coder and motion designer Sander Sneek upgrades his ‘Soundscape’ synthesizer for Leap Motion Orion integration.


Code Like a God in Virtual Reality Video Game ‘Loop’

Learn to code while playing Stefan Wagner's ‘Loop,’ and build your own game in the process.


Nightmare Bracelets Created with a New 3D Printing Design Method

Tactum uses your skin as the primary input method.


Wear Your Likes on Your Sleeve with These Social Textiles

Wallflowers take note: using thermochromatic dyes and haptic feedback, this fabric will alert you if someone in the room shares your same interests.