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The Humanising Quality of Music in Harmony Korine's 'Gummo'

A sonic reading of a cult classic that came out 20 years ago and has continued to piss people off ever since.
Emma Garland
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Harmony Korine and Matthew McConaughey Are Making a Movie

McConaughey will play a "rebellious and lovable rogue who lives life large" in 'The Beach Bum.'
VICE Staff
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The Story of How Lou Barlow and 'KIDS' Soundtracked the Summer of 1995

We talk with Barlow about collaborating with Harmony Korine to create the songs for Larry Clark's groundbreaking film—from the highs of The Folk Implosion's biggest hit to the subsequent major label pressure and fallout.
Cam Lindsay

Matthew McConaughey and Harmony Korine to Team Up for Stoner Comedy 'The Beach Bum'

The 'Spring Breakers' director looks forward to working with the 'True Detective' and 'Dallas Buyers Club' star.
Beckett Mufson

Harmony Korine Holds an Exhibition in His Hometown

The ‘Spring Breakers’ director brings his paintings back home to Nashville for 'Harmony Korine: Shadows and Loops.'
David Steine
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A New Magazine Full of Art, Fashion, and Magic City Strippers

"It doesn't matter whether you like it or not, just as long as you can't help having an opinion about it... That's 'Office'."
Amelia Abraham

Gucci Mane's New Supreme Video Was Directed by Harmony Korine

It's so icy I might eat spaghetti in a bathtub.
TCP Staff
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You Can’t Go To David Lynch’s Music Festival But You Can Dream of Other Directors Curating Theirs

What if Sophia, Spike and Harmony curated their own music festivals?
Xiaoran Shi

What Do Ancient Artifacts and Contemporary Paintings Have in Common?

Ancient African sculptures collide with contemporary Western paintings at Peres Projects in Berlin.
Alyssa Buffestein

Harmony Korine Looks Back at His Strange Last Two Decades

We met with the director to talk about his career, the years he spent "mowing lawns and shooting guns," and his love of the TV show 'Cops.'
Steven T Hanley

$120,000 Harmony Korine Painting Stolen in Soho

The work, 'Blue Checker,' was simply removed from a wall in an office-building lobby, making the whole situation totally Korine-ian.
Emerson Rosenthal
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Are the Kids still 'KIDS'? Revisiting the Skate Crew Behind the Classic Film

Brown bagging it in Washington Square Park with the original skate-punk ruffians on the 20th Anniversary of the Larry Clark / Harmony Korine film.
Derek Scancarelli
Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta