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Why I Wish David Bowie Had Been More Involved with Video Games

Would David Bowie have put his own distinctive stamp on the gaming world the way he did with music and film if he had just gotten into the medium?
Mike Diver
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Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima Has Left Konami to Launch an Independent Studio

Hideo Kojima's next project will be a PlayStation exclusive, dealing another blow to Xbox's chances of catching Sony's console.
Mike Diver
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Plans for the Next Metal Gear Solid Game Are Underway Without Auteur Hideo Kojima

Where is the franchise going to go after the success of "The Phantom Pain"?
Mike Diver
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The Final Word on ‘The Phantom Pain,’ a Video Game About Video Games

It's one of 2015's greatest commercial and critical hits. Leigh Alexander unpicks what makes 'Metal Gear Solid V' work, and where it goes wrong.
Leigh Alexander
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Where In the World Is Hideo Kojima?

Is he on vacation? Has he left? Is he ever coming back? Someone, please, let us know, because this nonsense is so freaking tiring.
Mike Diver
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A Song of Metal Gear Solid: Photographing ‘The Phantom Pain’

Framing the scenes that make Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear goodbye so memorable.
Steve Haske
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I Asked a Biological Weapons Expert How Far-Fetched Metal Gear Solid’s Genome Soldiers Really Are

Stanford's Dr. Steven Block reveals that Hideo Kojima's PlayStation original was remarkably prescient in its presentation of future troops.
Joe Donnelly
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‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Is the Perfect Stealth Game

Series creator Hideo Kojima has delivered his masterpiece.
Kirk Mckeand
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If ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Is Incorporating a Transgender Narrative, It Needs to Get It Right

Rumors of a central character being a trans woman have captivated some fans—and worried some trans people.
Jake Kivanc
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VICE Gaming’s E3 2015 Wish List

Most of this won't happen. But some of it just might.
Mike Diver
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‘The Phantom Pain’ Is the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ That Says Goodbye to Yesterday

We went to LA to play Hideo Kojima's upcoming epic for 15 hours, and we only scratched its surface.
Steve Haske
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The Greatest Moments of ‘Metal Gear Solid’

With The Phantom Pain right around the corner, VICE Gaming takes a look back at Hideo Kojima's always fascinating stealth-and-more series.
Steve Haske