Hillary Clinton


The Women Rewriting Feminism for a Late Capitalist World

"Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto" argues that liberal feminism has failed to address the deep-seated systems of inequality that undergird gender oppression. So what's next?


Julian Assange Receives Threatening Package After His UK Appeal Is Denied

The WikiLeaks founder's received a package containing a "white powdery substance" at the Ecuadorian embassy.


Let's Not Forget the Apathy That Made Trump's Presidency Possible

Some people argued there wasn't much difference between Trump and Clinton. This year showed they were very, very wrong.


How Democrats Are Dealing with Their Harvey Weinstein Problem

After years as a Democratic donor, the Hollywood mogul is being cast out.


Reading Hillary Clinton's 'What Happened' Sent Me Through the Five Stages of Grief

Before acceptance comes a whole lot of anger.


Donald Trump's Increasingly Sad Anti-Hillary Crusade

More than half a year later, the president is still whining about his defeated opponent.


The 'Pizzagate' Shooter Is Going to Prison

Edgar Welch was given a four-year sentence Thursday after a bogus conspiracy theory led to an all-too-real scare at a DC restaurant.


Who Should We Blame for This Hell?

On the lingering grief of the 2016 election.


So, What's Up with This Weird Letter from Trump Firing Comey?

The president emphasised he wasn't under investigation when he sacked the FBI boss.


Bill Clinton Is Now Writing Fiction for Your Dad

He's coauthoring a political thriller, 'The President Is Missing,' with best-selling writer James Patterson.


I Tattooed Chelsea Clinton's Face on My Body and I Regret Nothing

"I think it might be the only Chelsea tattoo in existence."


Obama's Getting $400K for His First Private Speaking Engagement

The former president is scheduled to speak at a healthcare conference for a Wall Street financial firm in September.