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Throwback Thursday

That Time Michael Jordan Allegedly Ran Up a Million-Dollar Golf Debt

Just before the 1993 NBA Finals, one of Jordan's golf buddies published "Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction...My Cry For Help!" The book is forgotten, but its lesson is not.
David Roth
march madness

Those Oversized Disembodied Heads at College Basketball Games: A Life Story

The oversized heads that fans wave around behind baskets during college basketball games were once one of fandom's great ideas. Now they're just part of the landscape.
David Roth

Barry Windham and the Disappearing Cowboy Wrestler

Wrestling has always leaned on archetypes, but the country-strong badass that Barry Windham embodied in the 1980s and 90s has mostly vanished. It's a shame.
Ian Williams

Forgotten Man: Bobby McDermott And The Rise Of Pro Basketball

No player did more to build pro basketball in the 1930's and '40s than Bobby McDermott, a brawling, hard-drinking scorer from Queens. How did he get forgotten?
Jeff Katz
dogs named pickles

​Nazis, Thieves, and a Dog Named Pickles: The Unsolved Mystery of the First World Cup Trophy

In 1930, FIFA President Jules Rimet commissioned a trophy for the first World Cup. Since then it has been stolen, hidden, hunted, and lost. If it even still exists.
Keph Senett
history lessons

​What Happened to Nutmeg Mills? The Forgotten Story of a Sports Apparel Pioneer

In the 1990s, Nutmeg Mills redefined gaudy NBA T-shirts and the broader sports apparel business. Then NAFTA happened.
David Tanklefsky & Nathan Rothstein

Jesse Reid's Lessons, And The Man Who Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In 1999, the legendary trainer Jesse Reid brought his fighter in to spar with Floyd Mayweather Jr. That day, Mayweather became another fighter to learn something from Reid.
William D'Urso

Jose Reyes And Baseball's History Of Looking The Other Way

The Mets and their fans chose to welcome Jose Reyes back after his suspension for domestic violence. It's not pretty, but it's nothing new for Major League Baseball.
Steven Goldman
NBA Finals

How LeBron James Rewrote History In The NBA Finals

Last year, LeBron James willed an undermanned Cavs team to two wins. This year, he helped his team past a historically great opponent. This is how history happens.
​Jared Dubin

How NBA Entertainment Helped Save the League and Spread a Renaissance

In the early 1980s, the NBA was floundering. Then NBA Entertainment, the league's new in-house video production team, helped usher in a fan-tastic future.
Shawn Fury

WWE Is Talking About A "New Era," And Actually Backing It Up

Pro wrestling loves to tell its own story and always has. That's what WWE's current "new era" talk is about. More importantly: the new era is pretty great so far.
Ian Williams

The Yankees Are Losing for All the Old, Familiar Reasons

George Steinbrenner was a tyrant and a meddler, but mostly he was a lousy owner—and the struggling 2016 Yankees are all too much like Steinbrenner's worst teams.
Steven Goldman